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ICC Cricket world cup is held once in every 4 years. Top teams in the world compete for the coveted trophy. It is held in 50 over format. This year it was held in England and Wales. Ten teams participated in this tournament. In the end in a tight final game England came out as the winner. Ultimately became the third team to win world cup at home. India and Australia are the other two teams to win world cup at home respectively.

This year the world cup was held between 30th May to 14th July. First game was played between England and South Africa. It was played in a round robin format. Every team played each other once in the league stage. The top four team qualified for the knock outs. India topped the table to qualify for the semi-finals. Every win carries two points. India, Australia, England and New Zealand were the four teams to qualify for the semi-finals. Eventually England and New Zealand beat the other two teams and qualified for the final.

The History of the ICC Cricket World Cup

ICC World cup was held for the first time in 1975.It was held in England. At that time very few teams used to play cricket. Australia and West indies played the final and West Indies beat Australia to win the first ever world cup. In 1979 again it was held in England. This time again West Indies won it beating England in the final. In 1983 it was a historic world cup for India. As for the first time India won the world cup beating the mighty West Indies in the finals. In 1987 for the first time it took place outside England. It was held in Asia. And India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka were the hosts. Australia won the world cup for the first time. In 1991 world cup was held in Australia and New Zealand. For the first time in their history Pakistan won the world cup under Imran khan’s leadership. In 1996 it was again held in Asia. This time Sri Lanka won it beating Australia in the final. In 1999 world cup was held again in England. Australia won the world cup beating Pakistan in the final. Year 2003 marked for the first time that the world cup was held in Africa. India did qualify for the final. But eventually were beaten by the champions Australia. In 2007 world cup took place in Caribbean for the first time. Australia again won it beating Sri Lanka in the finals. After that in 2011 it was held in India and Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. This time India won the world cup for the second time beating Sri Lanka in the finals. In 2015 Australia and New Zealand were the co-hosts of the mega event. Australia regain the world cup beating New Zealand in the finals. So this is the history of the world cup.

ICC Cricket World Cup Winners & Runners up List:

Host                                  Year        Winner              Runners up

England                             1975       West indies       Australia

England                             1979      West indies        England

England                             1983       India                  West indies

India                                   1987       Australia            England

Australia & New Zealand    1991       Pakistan            England

India                                    1996      Sri Lanka            Australia

England                               1999      Australia            Pakistan

Africa                                    2003      Australia           India

West indies                           2007      Australia           Sri Lanka

Asia                                       2011       India                 Sri Lanka

Australia & New Zealand       2015       Australia        New Zealand

England                                 2019       England         New Zealand

Australia has the most number of world cup to their name. So far they have won 5 world cup. West Indies and India follow next. They have two world cup to their name. Sri Lanka, Pakistan and England have won once each. Next time the world cup will be hosted by India in 2023.

Women’s world cup also takes place once in every 4 years. It is played across a month. And England and Australia are the two dominating forces in women’s cricket. India has produced some of the greatest women’s cricketers in the history of the game.

Every rule of the game is monitored by ICC (International cricket council).ICC is solely responsible for the smooth conductance of the game. Every cricket board is liable to ICC.In cricket world cup ICC’s role becomes even vital.